Somerset College Back Of House Tour

Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, Somerset College is one of Australia’s leading independent schools for students from Prep-Prep to Year 12. The school operates 3 swimming pools, Pool 1 is a 2.5 million litre Olympic swimming pool(outdoor) , Pool 2 is a 120,000 litre Learn To Swim pool (indoor) and Pool 3 is a 50,00 litre Learn to Swim pool for babies (indoor).

Somerset College have invested in Waterco’s new water treatment technologies that will be on display on Thursday June 23, 2022 as part of the Splash Show. On display will be the latest innovations in commercial pool chlorinators and latest water treatment technologies. Come and see the future of swimming pool water treatment methods all in one location.

These include:

Vitale Pro Commercial Chlorinators

Key features:

  • Self-cleaning cells without the need for reverse polarity
  • Low maintenance – no need to remove cells for cleaning
  • No acid required to clean cells – extended life span
  • Cells can be recycled – removed and re-coated, preventing waste
  • Generate chlorine and chlorine dioxide simultaneously via chlorinator
  • Eliminate the need for additional equipment to generate secondary sanitiser (Ozone or U/V not required)
  • Eliminate the need for Ultra Fine Filtration
  • Comply with regulatory requirements without having to invest in expensive individual pieces of equipment
  • Eliminate Cryptosporidium and Giardia threats effectively
  • Prevent Biofilm outbreaks within the recirculation system
  • Solving operating challenges faced by commercial pool operators without having to invest in various hardware solutions

OXISWIM – Hybrid Sanitising System

Key Features:

  • Fresh Water Swimming experience like no other
  • Various operating modes from one system
  • Dual Sanitising system
  • Smart chemicals used in the system

Price including transport to the venue return – $40 + GST per person