Seminar Program Day 2 – Thursday 23 June 2022

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Sea World Back of House Tour

Sea World is Australia’s premier marine park featuring an amazing array of marine animals, rides, shows and attractions. Guests at Sea World are able to witness, interact with and learn about marine animals from Australia’s only Polar bears to playful dolphins, seals and penguins, sharks, turtles and rays. Sea World is also renowned for its rides including the awesome $21M Storm Coaster and Jet Rescue Coaster. Sea World is committed to educating the public about the precious marine environment, and plays an active role in marine research and rescue through the not for profit Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation. In 2014 Sea World was awarded the ‘Travellers Choice for Best Amusement Park and Water Park Attraction in the South Pacific’ in TripAdvisors Travellers’ Choice Awards.

Information about seaworld – shark environment vs mammal environment pool differences in plant, temperature and maintenance.

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People – Risk Minimisation to Profit
Brenda Garrard-Forster – General Manager, People Risk Solutions, AB Philips

You just want to focus on delivering to your customers, not on interpreting laws and awards.

Casual Changes – These changes are already in place – do you know your obligations?

Wages, Underpayments and Award Rates – There are several Awards that could be applicable to the Pool and Spa Industry – do you know which one/s apply to you?  Avoid possible company and director fines and backpay.

Award Raises – are you aware of the changes?

Contracts and Policies – do you have employment contracts and basic policies in place?

Redundancies – Are you considered a small business? Do you know what your obligations are?

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An introduction to Integrated Energy Systems for aquatic centres
Derek Harbison – SmartConsult & Stefan Jensen – Scantec

Negawatt Projects and Scantec have partnered to produce an Integrated Energy System for aquatic centres. These systems utilise high efficiency ‘water to water’ heat pumps that produce useful heating and cooling from the one unit. This is industrial equipment that reduces the amount of plant in these aquatic centres, operate very efficiently and have lifespans that are multiples of the heat pumps currently used in this market.

In Europe these heat pumps have been widely used for over 40 years however their use has been overlooked before now due to the low cost of gas in Australia. Now that gas prices have achieved parity with electricity it is time to revisit this technology and see what energy gains can be made using the low grade heat that is available to most aquatic centres.

The bottom line is that these systems are efficient, low maintenance and long life and this also allows for solar PV systems to make a meaningful difference in centre running costs. These systems can be retrofitted to existing centres or can be installed to new builds: the largest energy gains are achieved when new centres are designed to take advantage of the benefits of these systems.

This session discusses heat pumps, CoPs, reliability of industrial heat pumps, GWP and how these systems are configured for aquatic centres.

The session is presented by Derek Harbison from SmartConsult and Stefan Jensen from Scantec.

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The 10 most important things you must know when you lead.
Lindsay McGrath – CEO, SPASA

Central Room 2

Hydraulics Session
Michael Brennan – Business Development Executive, SPASA

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1.00pm – 1.45pm

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Increase your Reach – Using Audience Extensions to increase your brands exposure
Cameron Bailey – Sales Director, Reach Lease

  • Introduction
  • Why Reach is importance?
  • What about Frequency?
  • What is an Audience Extension?
  • How does Reach Lease work?
  • How can my brand use Audience Extensions?
  • Questions

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The 15 Minute Marketing Week – How you can effectively market your business in the time it takes to have your morning coffee.
Rob Emmett – Marketing Manager, Hayward Pool Products Australia

As a business within the Pool Industry, facing fierce competition that can access your customers like never before, marketing is vital for customer retention and continued growth. But if you’re a Pool Builder with a bulging order book, run a busy Pool Shop or a popular Mobile Service Company, marketing never seems to make it to the top of the priority list. There just isn’t time!
But what if there was an easy way?

Whether you want to engage in marketing to grow your business, expand or extend the services you offer, or just to cover off the competition. In this session we will teach you the 15-minute marketing week. We will show you the free tools and the techniques that we use to run our own marketing within the Pool Industry and show you how you can do it all in the time it takes you to have your morning coffee.

  Session 4  
2.00pm- 2.45pm

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Understanding leak detection for swimming pool service, builders, remodelers and inspectors.
Darren Merlob – CEO, Leaktronics / Torque Lock Structural Systems

Modern equipment and education makes it simple for contractors to keep leak detections in house. By outsourcing leak detection, you lose control of the job, relying on someone else to give your customer the results. Take the taboo out of leak detection.

Central Room 2

A Hot Topic – Pool & Spa Heating options to ensure customer expectations are met
Panelists TBC

  Session 5
3.00pm- 3.45pm

Central Room 2

Equipotential Bonding – What pool and spa builders, service technicians and fencing contractors need to know
Anthony King – Senior Technical Advisor, Master Electricians Australia

Provide a comprehensive overview on electrical pool safety including the hot topic of equipotential bonding. This is critical information designed to you ensure your pool installation is safe from the risk of low voltage equipment, ground currents and compliant to electrical state legislation.

If you build swimming pools and spa’s or install pool fencing, this presentation is considered mandatory.

Anthony King is a Technical Advisor at Master Electricians Australia and has been engaged in this role for the past 9 years. MEA’s expertise is recognised within the industry and across government. Anthony is often called upon by Federal and State Government departments to provide technical advice in regard to development of Standards and government legislation.

Anthony represents Master Electricians on the following Australian Standard committees:

  • EL 01 (Wiring Rules)
  • EL 041 (Luminaires)
  • EL 042 (Solar/Batteries for Installations)