Commercial Pool Technician Program

The Commercial Pool Technician Program (CPT) delivers the required Aquatic Industry Qualifications to compliantly manage public and commercial swimming pool and spas in Australia.

CPT is a new training program that contains nationally accredited units of competency to ensure that participants are provided with up-to-date skills and knowledge and standards to manage public and commercial pool operations.

The Commercial Pool Operations program is based on the following units of competency.

1. SISCAQU001 – Test pool water quality
2. SISCAQU003 – Maintain aquatic facility plant and equipment
3. SISCAQU004 – Develop and implement pool water maintenance procedures
4. SISCAQU005 – Develop and implement aquatic facility maintenance procedures
5. BSBRSK401 – Identify risk and apply risk management processes

Target Audience:

Small and Large Aquatic Managers | Commercial Pool Operators | Pool Shops and Service Technicians | Caravan Park Operators | Council Pool Operators | Property Managers

Course Outcomes:

Attendees will complete 1 day of face-to-face instruction and then after the course complete assessments on items that include:

– Water quality issues and corrective actions
-Microbiological testing procedures and parameters of safe operation.
-Correct aquatic water testing procedures and correct recording keeping.
-Responses to various bather incidents – faecal and non-faecal
-Disinfection requirements for public/commercial operations
-Trouble shooting and maintenance requirements of plant and equipment.
-Site-specific risk identification and management processes to eliminate or minimise risk.

On successful completion, attendees will receive the Commercial Pool Technician (CPT) Certificate certifying they have completed this program.

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